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One of the most important parts of all the work of Children's Party Photography is the layout of your album. With a lot of dedication and affection, we elaborate a beautiful souvenir for your family.
In addition to being able to share by e-mail or social networks, the beautiful photos recorded at your party, you will be able to share with your family and friends a well-assembled album, prepared with a very clean and light look, with lots of charm. Design is our main concern, from the composition of the colors to the fonts of the letters, used. All this to be able to tell your story in a unique and very personalized way.

Foto Kids specializes in Children's Party Photography in Campinas, Limeira, Piracicaba and São Paulo. We love photography and do our work with a lot of love and in a fun, creative and spontaneous way. Contact us. It will be a great pleasure to participate in the joys and great moments of your family.

Album Caio 3 anos Foto Kids
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ALBUM-JOANINHA João Vito Foto Kids
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ALBUM-BRUNO Foto Kids.jpg
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