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A sleepover for kids is a magical experience to have with your friends and family, both for boys and girls, but for parents, it can be a little more challenging! The Foto Kids Campinas team will take care of your complete Pajama Party needs and take you to the next level of fun and style. They will help you select a beautiful combination of handmade tents to match your theme, organize delivery, setup and style. Call and ask your questions with our team.

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

Foto Kids Campinas offers simply stunning tent packages that come full of fairy lights, mattresses, mini-tables, lanterns, exquisite handcrafted prints and much more. .

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

When the day of the party arrives, Foto Kids Campinas will come and set up their chosen tents and decorate their room with beautiful bedding, flags, pillows, fairy lights and rugs at the agreed time. So when you're done, they'll come and take everything away the next morning - leaving only happy memories!

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

Standard hire packages include everything to make your party magical:

  • Single Structure Tents

  • Bed trays

  • Pajama kits

  • Flashlights (rechargeable battery)

  • Fairy lights

  • Luminous flags

  • Cushions, rugs and more!

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

Tailored party themes

Foto Kids Campinas selected a variety of beautiful fabrics for their tents that complement each other for a perfect pajama party. If you would like to help select a good fabric combination, they will be happy to help you decide, or if you are looking for something to suit a particular theme, they will certainly have something to suit.

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

Do you have entertainment planned for your slumber party? Why not add a photo booth? Children will have fun taking photos with the wonderful backdrops and accessories from Foto Kids Campinas and you will have photos of everyone to remember your special party. The photo booth will be set up at the right time to suit children and the accessories provided are also suitable for children.

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

If you want to help plan additional activities for your party, talk to Foto Kids Campinas about how they can help with disco lights, craft activities, games and more.

A Pajama Party is a fantastic way to offer your child a magical party with a difference; giving them wonderful memories to share with their friends long after the tents have been stored.

cabaninhas-festa-do-pijama- Foto Kids Campinas

For your comfort and safety, Foto Kids Campinas has a schedule for renting pajama party tents at least one month in advance of the date to be held.

consult with our team and make your appointment now.

*pacote básico para 5 cabanas individuais ou 4 cabanas duplas*

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