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Birthday parties, for sure, are one of the most anticipated dates of the year, not only for the children, who can't wait to get the presents and be able to enjoy the moment with the guests, but also by the parents.

After all, they are the ones who take care of all the details so that the party is as unforgettable as possible for the little ones.

But, what about when they grow up and decide on the theme of the party?

Growing up, the little ones become responsible for choosing the theme and follow the trends: now, the big thing is ballad parties! It is from there, that many try to show parents that they are no longer children and that children's decorations are no longer so welcome. What they really want is a ballad, showered with colorful decor and a DJ KIDS that plays the hits of the moment; and although many parents are afraid of this style of celebration, usually because of the young age of the birthdays, it is difficult to oppose them in such a special moment.

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Currently, teen-themed parties, discotheque and ballads are a trend and are on the rise in children's birthdays. As they cannot go to certain places, the kids choose to have their own “ballad party”, and thus, dance and have fun with the guests until they can no longer. And for parents who don't know how to organize a party like this, without losing that innocent air of the first celebrations, we at FOTO KIDS bring you some tips! it is good to pay attention to this new wave to please the kids, invest in this idea.l.

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Moms who were already used to the decorations on the big cake table, don't worry, because the Kids parties also have their requests. Blooming balloons and neon items that glow in the dark, colorful LED lights and the famous mirrored globe are great alternatives for decorative and very cozy lighting. In this way, children will be able to fall into the club to have fun without causing worries to their parents ...


Just like any self-respecting ballad, Kids birthday parties also have their big attraction: music, and for this reason, the choice of DJ KIDS makes all the difference. Specializing in children and young people, he should mix the musical repertoire, mixing children's classics with electronic beats, great for making kids dance. And if he interacts with the little ones playing what they like the most, it's even more interesting, ensuring the party's animation ...


But, great care must be taken in relation to the songs: the volume of the sound. As children have more sensitive hearing than adults, the height of the music, when not respected, can have serious consequences. The sound must be at the ideal volume, and for this to be measured and guaranteed, it is essential to have the supervision of Foto Kids technicians who are specialists in sound, in addition to comfort and safety for the little ones. The idea is to guarantee a celebration in the style and taste of the birthday boy, in addition to a happy and healthy space, which also allows parents to be carefree.


And as in all parties they always have a different souvenir, at the party ballad they can not miss. Bet on accessories that make the little clubbers get in the mood and have fun. Kits with neon bracelets, colored glasses and objects that shine can be great options in the animation. In this case, the buffet itself can offer guests these props while dancing on the dance floor.


Just don't forget a detail: children should make the most of their childhood and have it preserved, so birthdays with a ballad theme are recommended from the age of 10, where they are bigger and already have other interests. And no alcoholic beverages.



A really cool idea is to create a kind of dressing room somewhere near the dance floor, which is open only at the time of the ballad (to anyone staying up painting before the hour), which all makes and paints will be available for the guests have fun and shine on your party night! Everyone will love it, you can trust it!

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that the ink does not fall on the party clothes, as it can stain and bring costs. You can make white t-shirts available for guests to put on top of the party clothes, so you can have fun without worrying!





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