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Advice for children's parties


Children's Ceremonial

Happy Birthday Children's Ceremonial from Foto Kids provides services to accompany parents from planning and organization to the big day of their children's party, contributing to a moment full of magic, charm and emotion to make everything unforgettable.

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An innovative proposal in the production of children's events, in the ceremonial and advisory segment, as never before seen in Campinas and Region. Always guided by ethics and responsibility, we prioritize comfort, quality, exclusivity and the joy of those who celebrate a special moment, with the quality and efficiency that only a pioneer Foto Kids team can offer.

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After the birth of these gifts sent by God, it is time to celebrate life, often the family has doubts about how to start, where to find the best suppliers or how to make ideas that have been thought out for months happen in a few hours. And it is at this stage that parents can count on the Happy Birthday support from Foto Kids Campinas.

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This is where our help comes in: ideas, organization, cost analysis, market research and suppliers of children's parties. The children's ceremonial is responsible for organizing each stage of the party, in addition to assisting in the assembly of the party layout. Our team is made up of ceremonialists and qualified advisors in the area of events. All electronically equipped. With our team, your dream becomes even more real and your event unforgettable. Hiring a specialist consultancy on the subject is not a matter of luxury, but a fundamental affection for the smooth running of your event.

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